Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Orkut Themes Launched Officially Finally

Finally after so many spamming of fake themes of orkut by many orkut users, orkut has finally launched the orkut themes officially on the test basis which is right now limited to US orkut users only for the time being but will be soon available for every one.

  • How can I change my profile theme?

  • you can change the theme by clicking on a link(if its enabled in your profile) 'change theme' just near top right hand side of your orkut home page where your email ID is. After clicking on it you will be redirected to your edit profile page and there you will see a new tab of Themes, there you can select a theme of your choice (although they are limited for the time being).

  • Who can see my theme?

  • Your theme can be visible by you only,but soon if will be visible to your friends also.This is a way to make your profile unique and personalized.

  • How I can disable the theme?

  • You can also choose not to use any theme by clicking on the check box just above the available themes and your profile will again switch back to default theme of orkut.

To know more about orkut themes please read the digg story here


Sad2sayImonmyway said...

Is this theme is available for everybody...??

Ramesh said...

Hi friend this themes are available only user .........

Chandu said...

i didnt find it on top right
its available in one acc. and not in the other so what shoud i do

Prashant Jaiswal aka Vicky said...

@ Shubhajit
This theme is not available for every user of orkut at this time,orkut is making this profile theme option available on random basis to random users. But soon it will be available to every one. Just wait for a few days because its a testing phase of the themes feature,not the full release.

Prashant Jaiswal aka Vicky said...

@ Ramesh
Hi Ramesh, this and the other themes are available to less that 10% of the total users of orkut at this time on a random basis.

Prashant Jaiswal aka Vicky said...

@ Christy

Yes christy this feature link will be available on top right position of your home page if this feature is enabled by orkut on your profile,otherwise your profile will look normal,Just wait for some more time,these cool themes will be available to every one.

r4 dsi said...

heyyy...its pretty cool....but canu get me some football themes ...e.g christiano ronaldo,,steven gerrard

Prashant Jaiswal aka Vicky said...

@r4 dsi:
I hope orkut people are listening you and they will soon come up with these themes :) Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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