Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Now You can upload 1000 Pictures in your Orkut Profile album

On 12th of Feb Orkut announced one more good news for its users, The maximum image limit in any orkut profile album was only 12 till last year but not now, its now increased to a whooping THOUSAND (1000 Images) maximum, and to make upload process easy and fast orkut also made a plugin software for Internet Explorer users to upload multiple images to their album at once as simple as copy paste :)
For the rest of the web browsers like Firefox, opera and safari I am expecting same type of arrangements from Google soon.


look good said...

hello mr prashant
can u help me out
i am not able to use the new feature of multiple photo upload
please guide me how to do so

Prashant Jaiswal aka Vicky said...

Hi vidya
I have explained the process of uploading the images in orkut with the help of screen shots
you can visit this album to understand the whole process
Thanks for your visit

Dare Devil said...

Hi Prashant,

I am facing one problem with orkut.
i am not able to upload pictures in any of my album, but the same pictures are getting uploaded by others.

Paurush singh

Ehtesham said...

kya aap meri hlp karege...
mai kissi k bhi profile mai show nhi hota ...

kya aap bata skte hai..kaise show hongay.,...
meri email id
agr aap ko pata ho to send kar de...plz

Prashant Jaiswal aka Vicky said...

Hi sahil can you please explain your problem that u r facing in detail?
Which feature you are not able to see in all your profiles?

Prashant Jaiswal aka Vicky said...

@Dare Devil

Well I think The problem is with your web browser..which web browser r u using?

koyakishore said...

Hi prashant..
this is Kishore..

in my one of my orkut albums, i'm unable to upload photos.
i already uploaded 95 pics..
96th photo is not gettin uploaded.
i even tried multiple upload process, but its not working.

all other albums are fine.. i'm able to upload in them.

wat may be the reason??
suppose if i delete one pic frm tht album, then i'm able to upload a photo.
tht means.. the album limit is stopped at 95. so, can you help me out??
i tried in different browsers also..

thanks in advance..

Prashant Jaiswal aka Vicky said...

Dear koyakishore thanks for your comment
well your problem is very common orkut scraps problem in which even if u delete all your scraps even then orkut shows that there are some number os scraps there but you can't see those..actually they don't exist..the problem is with orkut's item count system.

This error or mismatch in actual count of album pictures and limit count(which is 100) is the only reason u r not able to upload all 100 pictures in this album.

The problem is with this album only so what you can do is create a new album with same name and move these 95 pics into that so that u can retain the comments also. and then add 5 more there..I hope it will work this time although its a bit time consuming.

These problems are not browser dependent..the error is in orkut's system. I hope they will resolve it soon.


Anonymous said...

thanks vicky for ur reply..

I understood the problem..

but can i move pics from one album to another along with COMMENTS???

if yes, can u say me or just post the link where the process is available..

thank you,

koyakishore said...

hi prashant..

reply me whether we can move photos frm one album to another..

i'm waiting..

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